The maps of the military actions

 1. Defensive battle of the soviet forces at the farthest approaches to Stalingrad (23rd of July – 10th of August, 1942)

 2. Defensive battle at the close approaches to Stalingrad (15th of August – 12th of September, 1942)

 3. Defensive actions at the territory of Stalingrad and in its area (13th of September – 8th of October, 1942)

 4. Battle actions in the area of Stalingrad (9th of October – 18th of November, 1942)

 5. Battle actions of the forces of the Southwestern, the Don and the Stalingrad fronts (19th of November – 30th of November, 1942)

 6. Defense actions of the 51st and 2nd guards armies (12th-23rd of December, 1942)

 7. The advancement of the Stalingrad front forces (24th-31st of December, 1942)

 8. Battle actions of the Don front forces (10th of January – 2n of February, 1943)